Eyebrow Transplant | Dr. Rahal

Eyebrow Transplant

Unlike other brow enhancement techniques such as tattooing or dying, minimally invasive eyebrow restoration at Rahal combines advanced follicular unit transplantation and our proven FUE hair transplant technique to create a truly natural and permanent look.

What to expect the day of your procedure:

1. Personal Treatment Plan

Each eyebrow is artistically designed based on your facial structure, features and desired result. Your Rahal physician also considers arch shape, thickness of hair, space between brows and brow length.

2. Minimally Invasive Graft Removal

Using our proven fue hair transplant technique, 200+ grafts are removed from just above the ear using a small 0.8 millimeter in diameter instrument.

The device creates a tiny circular incision around the follicular unit. The edge is grasped with forceps, and the graft is removed directly from the scalp. Incisions usually heal within a few days.

3. Grafts Are Inspected for Quality

Every individual follicular unit is then inspected under microscopic control to ensure quality, avoid damage and increase hair yield for our patients.

4. Placement of Grafts

You are given local anesthesia in your eyebrow region, and your Rahal physician creates a tiny incision for every individual follicular unit. Each graft is then skillfully placed into the donor sites at the correct position and angle. The procedure takes only 2-3 hours.

Because of the incredible results and reasonable procedure cost, eyebrow restoration is increasingly in high demand.

Schedule a free consultation with a Rahal physician to learn how an eyebrow transplant can create beautifully shaped and permanent eyebrows using your own hair.