Follicular Unit Transplantation | Dr. Rahal

Follicular Unit Transplantation

The latest research in hair growth has discovered that hair actually grows in groupings of one, two, three and occasionally four hair follicular units. With modern Rahal techniques using your own natural follicular units, our goal is to no longer simply mimic nature but to actually duplicate nature.

Understanding Follicular Unit Transplantation

Before birth, hair follicles are genetically programmed in one of two ways:

  • To grow sensitive to male hormones (these hormones appear during puberty and eventually cause the follicle to grow weak and die after a period of time)
  • To grow as lifetime hairs that are capable of resisting male hormones

All men have at least some lifetime hair follicles. Even in bald men, these follicles can be found at the very back of the head in a horseshoe shaped area referred to as the “donor area”. Follicular unit hair transplantation takes these lifetime hair follicles from the donor area and moves them to the balding areas of the scalp.

At Rahal, there are two methods of harvesting donor grafts: FUE Hair Transplant and Hair Transplant Surgery. The actual removal and transplantation of hair follicles has become a simple outpatient procedure at Rahal.

Stereo-Microscopic Dissection

An important element of follicular unit transplantation is the use of stereo-microscopes. All of the follicular units are removed individually from the donor strip under microscopic control to avoid damage, increase hair yield and to preserve natural hair groupings.

Design a Natural Looking Hairline Zone

The most difficult part of follicular unit transplantation is the artistic demand it places on the physician. Like a fine artist, the Rahal physician has the skill to design a natural looking hairline zone to suit the shape of your face, your unique features and your age.

Natural and Undetectable Finished Result

Once the hairline shape has been established, each graft is skillfully placed in the balding areas of the scalp at the correct angle and position to achieve maximum naturalness, fullness and density.

The Benefits of a Follicular Unit Transplant

  • A fuller, more dense look
  • More consistent hair growth
  • A completely natural result
  • Superior hair yield